*Our MOTTO:   Love God, Love People, Love Life!

*Our MISSION:   Make disciples of Jesus Christ...

...A devoted disciple is someone who WORSHIPS God, CONNECTS to His Community, GROWS in His Word, and SERVES His World.


*Our METHOD:   By challenging ourselves to continually go DEEPER...

We value DEPTH... It's simply not enough to have a "surface-level" existence. We need to continually be growing stronger and going deeper, especially in the following ways:

#1. In our understanding of God and His Word -- this is why engaging in theology ("the study of God") is essential.

#2. In relationships with others, bringing genuine, loving, caring Christian community.

#3. In discovering the unique, creative purpose which God has placed within each of us.

All in all, we desire to be a church that dives-in deeply into God's word together and discovers the awesome hidden treasures below the surface. Human beings are highly intelligent and capable of powerful learning. We were created to be explorers. We believe answering questions, searching truth, and discovering God's purpose for us can best happen within a loving community. This is why we continue to implement various small-groups, Bible-studies, common-interest groups, and more. Let us know if you are interested in being part of an existing group, ministry, or perhaps starting something new. Let's embark on the faith-journey together!

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