Doing Life Together!


Life-Groups at Glad Tidings are the deepest way to experience the love and power of a "faith-family!" People naturally fit well with other folks whom they share a common interest. Life-Groups include things like Bible-studies, coffee/fellowship, family outings, hiking, swimming, gaming, church-work-activities, breakfast, and ladies' & men's groups. We are still in the formative stage with Life-Groups, but so far we have seen far more relationships being cultivated by having multiple small groups than with only one or two large groups in church ministry.


If you would like to join a group, contact us to find out more info, or pick up the latest brochure regarding this current season's groups next time you're here.

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We are always on the lookout for new leaders who have ideas on starting their own, unique group. Wise leaders will understand that all Life-Groups have their own unique parameters, expectations and character, and people are encouraged to find a group that fits them best. This style of having groups is a sort of "free-market" concept; it is NOT a "centralized" approach where everything "looks the same"... Leaders must keep in mind that everyone will not fit in everywhere, and that's okay (and normal)! Therefore, if a group doesn't seem to fit someone, it is perfectly fine for them to try another (good leaders will understand and accept this very normal process).


Leaders attend a quarterly training/inspirational session. All interested/prospective leaders are asked to attend the next training session (contact us for the date/time). Here, we learn the values of creativity, consistency, relationships, and rest (understanding that groups can certainly be seasonal, and that it's perfectly fine to "refresh" or "reboot" at times). Training sessions are also great for helping leaders cultivate creative ideas and navigate their journey.