Church Services....

When you first arrive at Glad Tidings Church, you can expect a warm welcome, smiling faces, and a safe, clean environment! Also, don't worry about what to wear - people dress in both casual and/or dressy clothes here - so just come as you are. Greeters will help you find any applicable areas, such as the sanctuary, nursery, restrooms, etc. If you have any questions, we are happy to help! First-time guests are given a card to briefly fill out and turn in, whereupon they will receive a small token of appreciation. They will also be made aware of our excellent Facebook community for digital access to updates and more. After the current health crisis is completely behind us, free Coffee & Donuts will likely return and be available on Sundays from 9:30a.m. - 10a.m.
While attending a new church can sometimes seem a little intimidating, we want you to know that you are loved and accepted, and that you belong... So make yourself right at home! And whether you're the quiet type or more of a talker, we want you to know that's okay, and we're so glad to meet you!!  :)

Our style of worship music features a blend of Contemporary, Hillsong, and sometimes Traditional songs. Our team has a deep heart after God and loves to lead people into God's presence. Glad Tidings Worship services are perfect for both the reflective or spirited type worshiper - both intraverts and extraverts encounter God's presence in their own unique way.



Children's Church/Nursery


Parents and their children, as  well as teens, all worship together because we believe this is effective and instructive for a family's spiritual growth during this special time with God. Of course, infants/toddlers ages 6 weeks old to 3 yrs old have the options of nursery. Children 4 yrs old to 6th grade are dismissed to Kid's Church or Jr. Kids Church for the remainder of the service after the initial family-worship session; of course, kids are welcome to stay with parents in the adult's service, should a family wish.

*Due to COVID-19, official "Nursery attendants" are in short supply, therefore parents may feel free to take their child to the nursery if/when needed, and a speaker system is fully available for listening to the live sermon.


Our method of preaching each Sunday is highly biblical, thought-provoking, theologically-rich, and applicable to life. We value going deep into God's Word - this can be experienced further through our weekly Bible studies, which take place each Wednesday at 6:30pm. 


Tough questions are welcomed here at GT. Sometimes we wrestle with God over things. That is the simple truth. But there are answers to tough questions - if you're ready and willing to study! GT values solid discipleship that not only includes heart-change but also intellectual growth. Everything from biblical, to historical, to scientific questions are welcomed here! Don't be afraid to ask - your inquiries are valued by our church and by God!

Staying Updated

Because you are such a valued guest, we do our absolute best to make sure that you feel welcomed! Let us know if you need anything or desire special prayer. We're here for you!


You may be encouraged to join us on Facebook (see below). Our GT Youth also have various social networks available, including YouTube and Instagram. Connect with us today!


All in all, we'd love to know you better and we really want you to know that you are very important and valued by Glad Tidings Church and by God! :)

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