We Believe in....


There is one eternal God who is all powerful, all knowing, and exists in all places. God is the Creator of all things and is simultaneously transcendent (beyond/above us) and imminent (all around us and interactive with His creation). God exists in a triune communion-of-Love as Father, Son (i.e., His "Logos" or "Word"), and Holy Spirit -- three distinct persons yet equal in divine substance as one God. When thinking of this "Trinity," perhaps the analogy of a piano chord is helpful: a chord has three distinct notes, but they exist together as one chord. The chord cannot be thought of as a "chord" without each distinction; similarly, the concept of "God" (seen in His self-revelation through Scripture) is not complete without Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is the source of all good, and any eternal essence such as love, truth, goodness, and beauty, are realities of God's nature. Ultimately, God is Love (1 Jn 4:8).

The Bible

The Bible is God's Word and His special revelation to humanity (apart from God's natural revelation found within the cosmos and in nature itself). The Bible is inspired by God and it is a product of divine-and-human interaction (something we must keep in mind). It is absolutely true in everything it teaches and/or affirms. One must engage in serious study to discover exactly what God's Word is attempting to teach or affirm in any given passage or context. To be a follower of Christ is to be a student of the Word, for it is Scripture which testifies about Christ. It should be noted that the authors of the Bible were not trying to engage in "modern science," yet excellent and praise-worthy dialogue can occur between the two spheres of faith and science whenever one responsibly learns and appreciates the context coming from both spheres. Overall, the main purpose of the Bible is to show God's fulfillment of revelation of Himself through Jesus Christ, and the finished work of the cross. To put it simply: the written word testifies concerning the Living Word, Jesus Christ.


Humanity & the Problem of Sin

Humanity is created in God's image, but is fallen and sinful (sin means "missing the mark"). Sin is very real and affects every individual, as evidenced all around us. The problem of sin does not negate the truth, goodness, and beauty of God. Evil is in the world not because God cannot overcome it; rather, evil is in the world whenever and wherever there is an absence of true love; for God is Love. Just as light casts a shadow, so love casts a choice: to love or not to love. Humanity has a free will; thus, humanity creates evil. Finally, sin separates human beings from God because God will honor the choice of individuals and give them the eternal, extended capacity to live in that choice, apart from Him.


Jesus Christ and the Good News of Salvation

While God has allowed a free will, His ultimate desire is reconciliation of creation unto Himself. Therefore, He has taken the problem upon His own shoulders by entering into (Incarnation) the human drama through His Son, Jesus, the Christ (Messiah). Indeed, God accomplished the way of salvation through the cross – the ultimate example of selfless Love being poured-out. Through simply believing/trusting in the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (our Emmanuel, or "God with us"), a person will not perish or be separated from God, but will have eternal life. This is very, very good news!! ("Gospel" means "Good News" or "Glad Tidings").

The Church, its Mission, and its Ordinances

It is the mission of the Church (God's family) to love the world by telling everyone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how much God loves them, and intentionally making devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through many types of evangelistic and missional efforts. This is why it is important to give time, energy, and financial support to facilitate and fund outreach that changes lives and brings hope, healing, and restoration to people, both locally and across the globe. The Church practices two ordinances given to us by Jesus Christ – Water Baptism and Communion. These are, respectively, symbols of salvation and fellowship with Christ.


The Holy Spirit

God has sent the Comforter – His promised Holy Spirit – to live not just with us, but in us. The Holy Spirit convinces people regarding sin and righteousness, and He regenerates God's people and immediately dwells within them upon the first moment of trusting in Christ, baptizing Christians into one unified body of Christ. Subsequently, Jesus Christ will baptize with the Holy Spirit whoever asks, bringing believers ongoing times of refreshing/refilling. While speaking in a new spiritual language appears in Scripture as the first physical sign of those who are filled with the Spirit, there are also many other new and powerful evidences and realities that will arrive as the result of being filled. Here are just some: the Holy Spirit regularly energizes Christ's Church, empowering Christians to witness effectively, continually teaching them the ways of God, opening God's Word to their hearts and minds, and bringing wonderful gifts to the body of Christ for the edification of one another. The Spirit also produces "fruits" of Love in the Christian's life, bringing more maturity and growth daily.

The Happy Ending

Jesus Christ is coming back again soon! We will forever be with Him, and God will also bring about a "New Heaven and New Earth." This happy ending will arrive indeed, but in the meantime we must do everything we can to love God and love people by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ's salvation which is available to all who believe and trust in Him.